Light Truck Repair

When you want reliable light truck repair you want AMC Fleet Services. We’ve been providing exceptional service since 1989. Our shop doesn’t just provide the most dependable repair work, we focus on preventative maintenance as well. Specializing in light truck repair for fleet vehicles means we know the problems that come with work horse vehicles.

High mileage and near constant use can have a major effect on vehicles, presenting unique problems at an accelerated pace. Our ASE Certified mechanics are skilled at diagnosing these problems, performing repairs that get your vehicle moving again so your business doesn’t have to come to a halt.

Light trucks don’t always present the same problems as cars, especially when they’re used for regular hauling. Whether you’ve got a gasoline or diesel engine, a manual or automatic, we can diagnose and repair your light truck. These vehicles are designed to be used, so let us get your truck back on the road.

For local light truck repair you can rely on call: (503) 304-4488 or contact us today.