Trailer Repair

When you have problems with your trailer, it can be more than just a concern. Lighting problems can make it illegal to use, and if you’re transporting cargo any issues can prevent you from completing a job, costing time and money. When you need local trailer repair, trust in AMC Fleet Services.

We specialize in fleet vehicles, and understand the unique stressors that heavy use can have on a trailer. Whether you have many trailers, or just one, we provide timely, effective, and thorough repairs that put you back on the road. We don’t just operate with integrity, our mechanics are all ASE Certified, and experienced effectively diagnosing and working on all trailer types.

Efficient Trailer Repair that gets you back on the road.

Many problems we commonly repair on trailers include: uneven tire wear, improper axle alignment, trailer wiring problems, physical damage, and more. We provide extensive trailer repair on models that include:

When you want affordable and accurate trailer repair from ASE Certified mechanics there no one more dedicated to getting you moving, no matter how many trailers you have. Call (503) 304-4488 or contact us for trailer repair today.